Improvers' Seminars

Improving your Bridge Bidding and Play


Improvers' Seminars - These are being held on the 2nd Friday of each month commencing at 7pm. A sign-up sheet will be displayed on the club noticeboard.

If there is a particular topic you woul;d like us to cover, please contact Bob Hurley on 021 140 1896


March 10 Inexperienced players: Minimum, Invitational and Game Force bids - led by Anne Gordon

April 14 Improvers and competitive players and led by Bob Hurley. One hour will be spent playing 8 boards (bidding and opening lead will be shown on each board) followed by discussion and hand records. The rest of the time can be on any bridge matters that are advised on the sign up sheet including Conventions, Signals, Leads, Count, Bidding etc.

May 12  Inexperienced players: Stayman and Transfers - led by Julie Bunnell

June 9 Improvers and Competitive Players - led by Bob Hurley

July 14 subject to be confirmed

August 11 subject to be confirmed

September 8 subject to be confirmed

October 13 subject to be confirmed


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